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Permanent LED Lighting Systems a Great Alternative to Outdoor Rope Lighting


Alternatives to Outdoor Rope Lighting


People are looking for alternatives to traditional outdoor rope lighting. Rope lighting is relatively inexpensive and can be effective for some uses, but it has many disadvantages. First, rope lighting can be difficult to install. If you are installing lights along the roofline of your house, you will need to work at a great height, which can be dangerous. If you’re hoping to use rope lighting on a ridgeline, gable, or eave, it may be hard to get the effect you want.: It can be near-impossible to get rope lighting to create a straight line, as it tends to bend and/or twist between anchoring pins. Installing can be frustrating in other aspects, too: rope lights come in specific lengths, and you may be cutting and splicing to get a section that’s the right size for your purpose. You will also need to splice power cords and end caps onto the ropes, and you need an outlet that your power cord can reach. Imagine all this struggle at the top of a ladder!


In addition, there’s not much flexibility in rope lighting; unlike permanent outdoor lighting, it can’t usually be programmed or changed up depending on the occasion. Experts agree that rope lighting may be a good choice for a temporary event such as a backyard party, but if you want a beautiful, long-term lighting solution, it’s best to opt for professional installation and a high-quality permanent LED outdoor lighting system.


Finding Permanent Lighting in the GTA


There are many factors to consider before purchasing permanent lighting. In the GTA, there are various companies that specialize in providing permanent residential and commercial lighting -- but some products "outshine” others! Companies that use Canadian-designed products such as that offered by Ablaze Lighting fully understand the challenges of our dynamic climate. From snowy winters to hot and humid summers these specialized service providers ensure your lights won’t encounter any weather-related problems.


Installing permanent lights provides tremendous advantages. When you opt for permanent LED lights on your home or in your outdoor space, trained and experienced technicians will install them, efficiently and safely. They will follow your instructions and create the look you want. Permanent lights last for approximately 20 years and you never have to worry about changing a burned-out bulb. They’re cool to the touch, safe, and economical to run.


Endless Possibilities


And here’s a huge advantage of permanent lighting – you can control it and change it to create exactly what you want. Better lighting companies offer innovations such as remote control, or control through a smartphone app. This allows you to change colours, intensity, and patterning.


Permanent lighting can add a great deal of fun while creating convenience. No more putting up and taking down holiday lights. When the season rolls around, you can light the house up with festive colours effortlessly and spend your time off with family and friends. Are the Blue Jays playing? Let the neighbourhood know you’re watching the game by going blue and white – and making the lights race every time the team gets a run! Red for Valentine’s Day, black and orange for Halloween and multi-coloured special effects for a special birthday celebration. Tell the story of your family and celebrate through light!


Contact a Canadian company today, and learn more about installing permanent LED lighting accents.